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Rock 'n' Roll - Clubs


Beat Club Weinheim  (auch R 'n' R Veranstaltungen)



H.K. Mandel



Greatest R 'n' R Artists of the '50s

Devils And Dolls

Eiscreme & Rock 'n' Roll Festival / Saarland

European Elvis Festival

RRC Heisse Sohle

The Junkin' 50's

Oldie Club Offenbach

Oldies Club Wetterau

Oldie Town

Rheinbach Classic

 Golden Oldie Festival Wettenberg

Rock 'n' Hürth

Die Rock and Roll AG

Rock 'n' Roll Club Forever

1. Rock 'n' Roll Club Neustadt /W.

Rock 'n' Roll Musikmagazin

Rock 'n' Roll Schallplatten Forum

Rock 'n' Roll Club Teddy Bears

R 'n' R Club 8nach6 Bad Homburg

Rock and Roll Stars!

Rock 'n' Roll Weekender

Swingin Ulm

Nellias und Dietmars Boogie Seiten

Tom's Oldie Schallplatten

Wolf & The Boogie Rabbits


Rock 'n' Roll - Bands

Alligators, The

Aron Black - Elvis Tribute

Ballroom Shakers. The

BangBags, The

Betty Sue & The Hot Dots

Big Wave & The Bandits

Billy & The Fenderman

Black Hearts

Blue Ribbon Four, The

Boppin' B

Boogie Connection 

Buck Cherry: Chuck Berry Tribute Band

Buddy And The Sharks

Buffalo Chips

Cagey Strings

Cat 'n U

Cherry Casino

Continentals, The

Dirty Boogie Orchestra  

Dirty Mac & The Filthy Five

Doo & The Wops

Duck Walker

Eis am Stiel

Eric Prinzinger & BC0 Band

Falsche Fuffziger

Firecacadoos, The

Frank Mc Cloud & The Memphis Two

Franny & the Fireballs

The Gambles

Guitar Tigers

Hokey Pokeys, The

Honkytones, The

Hot Rolls, The

Hound Dogs

Jeepers Creepers

Jerry Ree Lewis Band

The Jets

 The Jailhouse Gang

The Jitterbug Bites

Krüger Rockt!

Les Chambords

Luchilles Lumbago

Mc Murphy Finest Rock 'n' Roll

Memphis Gang,The


Nina & The Hot Spots

Nobby & The Bobcats

Die Oldieband

Old Beer Devilz

Papa's Finest Boogie Band 

Pippi & The 50's Boy


Pumping Special

Ray Allen & Band

Red Hot

Red Jackets,The



Rockin' Carbonara

Rock 'n' Roll Roulette 

Roll Agents (Elvis)

Roll Abouts, The

Rollin' Rockets

Rudolph Und Die Renntiere

Rhythm Kings, The

Shakin' Cats

Shakin' Daddes Band

Skinny Teens

The Silverballs

Speedballs, The

Spikes, The

Strangers, The

Sugar Sisters, The

Sunny And The Jokebox

Teddy & The Lollipops

Time Bandits,The

Tom & The Black Ties

Tom Jet & The Starlighters

Tweety and the Bad Boys

Vintage Band

Vittelo Tonnato & The Roaring Zucchinis 

Wild Bobbin Baboons,The

Wirtschaftswunder - die Schlagerband

Wonderfrolleins, The